Acrylic paintings for decoration and relaxation, a work in progress.

I can’t describe how relaxing has become painting for me. I had this project in mind for months, start it around a year ago when I stepped into Michael’s stores and saw 70% off primed canvas and got couple of canvas huge and small.

Started with a small black fish to test out the canvas and using black and white acrylics I had left from the foam wall project. I just couldn’t wait to start! so much desire to paint. I didn’t have any other color or brushes so I used a plastic spoon. It’s ugly but I was very happy with it, I could experimented textures and the eye of the fish was fun to do too.

Then ordered some basic brushes and colors in Amazon to start with. I got two very large canvas, gallery size, and started a huge painting to cover almost the entire wall of the entrance of my house.

Big mistake, beginners should start small canvas and grow in size when they master the technique.

What to paint? I wasn’t sure, I “know” how to paint horses, with a pencil, no volume, just the outline of the horses but it looks not too bad. Well I have inclination to painting this way since I was a child; maybe by watching my father because he’s an architect and back then they did a lot of drawings for perspectives on buildings, with people in motion and furniture and landscaping. Always black and white and very line based (I remember people had no faces, that was fun too).

But I set the goal for this painting: a Native American. I can’t say I’m obsessed with them but the next word close to obsession and more than “I like”, then that’s what I have for native Americans. I can’t describe it but I really like all the folklore, the costumes, the dressings, the nature, the horses… so that’s my object to paint.

Looking at native American’s paintings on the web, I got amazed about the fantastic work of these artists. I love all of those paintings, all of them. That encouraged me to do the painting even more.

Here’s a work in progress of the painting:

I’m very proud of it. Several errors I’m aware of: proportions of the subject, light sources in the face, historic accuracy of the items specially the feathers, and more, but really like it.

And the best part is that my son loves it, I put him to sleep by walking him back and forth while he looks to the painting and boom, sleeps in 5 minutes, knocked-out.

I also have a strong concept and interpretation with this painting that I personally tell people, so stop by to tell you the story.

Painting is so relaxing that even writing this post has proven to be relaxing too.

I have many other projects. There is this series of four paintings of animals I’m doing for my son, started with this red zebra, and a roaster, will do more animals in different colors, let’s see…