AT&T paperless billing and Direct TV offer irony

I have AT&T as my internet service provider. Not because I want to but because it’s the only one in my area and I’m forced to use it. I dislike this company for several reasons for other teke other day maybe.

I only have internet service with them and I do not have cable (because just an occasional Netflix covers my TV time) so they constantly send mail letters offering the Direct TV thing.

I’m signed up for paperless billing for everything that supports it. It’s easier but I truly believe using less paper helps our planet. Now look at this area here in the envelope:


“Sign up for paperless billing”

Initially I thought “oh you want paperless for billing but not for these offers eh?” I get 1 or 2 of these envelopes every week, that’s 4 times more than receiving an actual paper bill. I was irritated about inviting me to signup for paperless while sending 4 times more paper in offers.

But then realize that they don’t really say that paperless billing will help the planet or save trees, they say it can save you time and is just more convenient. It definitely saves some money for them I guess, but no words about the environment.

I opened the letter (first time since my last 10 months getting them every week, wow I have got about 40 of these big envelopes so far, and that’s just me and for the shortest time living in this apartment) and read the letter looking for a way to unsubscribe from this. There is none.

Is it worth my time to call them to complain about unsubscribing from this?

let me see… it’s 11:50 am.

... calling the number that shows up in large font…

an ATT voice at their IVR responded and says “this number is no longer available, please call blah blah and you can place orders etc…”,


…trying the blah blah number the IVR said…

.. struggled with the voice options in the IVR, then went to the closest option to speak with a person regarding TV, but “our office ours are closed, call during regular business hours”.

it’s 12:05 PM, well, it worth the try. Will definitely try during business hours tomorrow to see what happens. I’m curious about if there is anyway to unsubscribe from this! It really bothers me now.

I understand it’s an offer and they’re pushing over and over again to stick the DirectTV name and offer a $100 visa prepaid card, they're making their sale, it would not work on me but it will work on other people and will cover all these paper expenses. Is this right?

Maybe they can target differently people that already signed up for paperless billing, people who show certain attitude with technology, ease of use of services, environment care and many other things.

I would have a different feeling if I get a letter saying: “No more paper offers for you! Let’s save some paper and trees”, then will email me. I admit I will also ignore those emails, but I would have different feelings regarding the paper offer EVERY WEEK.

Will update this post with results if I can unsubscribe from these offers or not, let’s see.

EDIT: Interesting article for “junk mail”.