I'm a 10 (decimal base)

I'm a 10, (decimal base)

I was recently asked: as a developer, from 1 to 10, (10 being the max), how do you qualify yourself?

My instant answer, quickly, without flinching: I'm a 10.

Person: really? Don't you have anything else to learn? Do you know everything?

My answer: I have so many things to learn, soooo many things I don't know, soooo many things I know I don't know, but yet I'm a 10. There are certain principles, certain 'wood' you are made of that give you this scale. Is your approaches, thinking, abstraction, intelligence, preparation, ability to absorb and incorporate new stuff, ability to strategize, that makes someone a 10, not how many languages or technologies you know.

It's impossible to know everything yet anything can be learned and eventually mastered. Is the process of how you get there and how fast, and how well, what makes you a 10.

I have people in my team young, very young, inexperienced, with a whole galaxy of stuff to learn, and yet they are a 10.

This scale is set mostly by way of comparison to other peers unless you constrain it to a particular dimension.

Is the delta what's important and not the absolute value what sets you in the scale.

If you have never seeing a 10, then you think you are one of them because you have certainly seeing 1s and you know there is a delta. If you have seeing 10s then you instinctively know what you are, you could be also a 10, or something in between.' '

What about modesty? I' being extra modest for great chunk of my life, has brought me happiness, but not in certain cases especially when you see 4s believing they are 10s and predicating so to others. There are so many real imposters out there and unfortunately being extra modest is bad for the industry, you have to say your true scale.

What about imposter syndrome? Yes I do have some, nonetheless when saying I'm 10 I don't have any amount of the syndrome inside, and don't feel lacking modesty, if feels just, it feels right.

I'm a 10 guys. Really sorry if that makes you judge me in an unfair way, there is a fine line between selling yourself and arrogance; removing politics from the speech and giving straight answers moves the line towards arrogance.