My Civic is making a personal record 44mpg

Few weeks ago I drove from Miami to West Palm Beach in my Honda Civic ‘15 to visit my good friends over there. Filled up tank with gas and reset the trip meter. I love this car’s fuel economy and size, always makes very good MPGs.

This trip was all by highway. It was raining on my way there so the overall speed was slow, (Miami slow) about 50mph. I didn’t pay attention to the MPGs as I was looking for hazards and very aware of the cars in front of me as the visibility was not good.

On my way back, already dark, I took I95 and it was not raining hard but something slight, since it was a weekend I95 traffic was very nice, temperature was good so no AC, the light rain forced people to go 45 – 50 mph. All that made ideal conditions to have even better MPGs.

When I noticed, the car was making 40 MPGs!

Then few miles after it was skill going up, it was so proud of the car making such a good MPGs. After another few miles it continued to go up and it got my entire attention. Speed was constant, low speed, no AC. and I keep taking pictures every time it went up until it got to a new personal record:



Very funny experience throughout the trip keeping track of the record, I have never made this much MPGs on the Civic before.

The car is supposed to make up to 37 mpg in highway according to and I have made exactly that before as long as I don’t exceed 70mpg and reset the counter when entering the highway.

It was still very impressive the 44 MPG, and I have made it close to that other times as well. Is it the fuel? driving conservatively? it’s broken? I don’t know, but I like it’s efficiency.