Time management analysis after one and a half year at Snapscore.



For every project I have worked on from the past 6 years, I keep time-logs with times for in/out. Initially I started the timesheets for billing purposes but continued to keep them for all projects, to help me understand how much time I spend on each one, and not by using my memory or my estimation but by using real data.

It’s being one and a half year since I joined Snapscore and wanted to go back to my timesheets and make a little analysis to understand my time allocation and find room for improvements of adjustments.

Timesheets are very simple, Just the date, time in and out, lunch time, then in and out again. If I have a longer break I just repeat the day and add a new in-out.

Timesheet Sample

My schedule continuously varies and the timesheet helps me to be sure I work on my projects the time I have to, or want to.

I had a bunch of excel files with this structure, so I used excel, but also I imported them into a SQL Express database to run some queries. I just feel more comfortable on SQL.

After running some queries I found interesting points:


My earliest entrance: 7:20 AM on 8/12/2015, and it’s usually from 9 to 9:30.

And here’s a snapshot of the INs behavior through the months:

INs behavior through the months

There is one at 12:00 AM but that’s the IN for an OUT of 1:30 AM which is my latest OUT. These are the min INs for each logged day. The wired ones like  9:30 PM, or 6:30 PM are from weekends.

Here’s a view of how many INs in a given hour:

INs per hour

The top are between 9 and 9:30 AM


My latest exist: 1:30 AM on 8/19/2015, ok that was an extreme day. Average is 6:20 pm

This graph shows the exits through the months. It contains only the maximum OUT per day logged.


Here’s a view of how many OUTs in a given hour.

Exits per hour


My Average Lunch Time: 48 minutes 0.8091 hours.

Most common lunch start: 1:00 PM, but anytime from 11:00 AM to 2:40 PM seems good for me.


Other stats:

- Average daily work time: 8 hours 4 minutes. This is the average of all days logged, if there is a holiday, or a sick day or something, that day is not logged.

- Longest day: 11 hours 45 minutes on 3/20/2015 (probably a long update on a Friday, I think I have pictures of that day)


By looking at this data:

My lunch time seems too much irregular for me, will try to make it more regular or scope it to a 15 minutes variation, 1:00 PM to 1:15 PM. Lunch length is good.

I knew my INs and OUTs vary from day to day. Before looking at the data I thought that the variation was marked through the year with some months with some specific pattern, maybe with daylight savings time, or when I moved from one house to the other earlier this year. But it turned out to be unstable through out the year but with with marked periods of instability. 

Overall time worked seems good.


Also back in September this year I started using Wakatime, a very cool service which uses a bunch of opensource text editor pluguins that monitor your keystrokes and file edits, and shows a nice breakdown of how you spend your time within your IDE and with your projects.

I have to say I really like this tool. You just install the pluguins in the IDEs you want to track, And you get a dashboard like this:

Wakatime dashboard

Bug you can dig into it, and see which projects you spend more time in, and how much time, even which files you spend more time editing:

Wakatime files preview

And another cool feature is the breakdown of the languages you use the most:

Wakatime languages breakdown

I only have 3 months of usage here, but will continue using it and make another analysis after 6 months or one year.

Pomodoro and Pomodone

I use the pomodoro technique constantly. I tried apps for my iPhone, then for my Windows Phone, but finally I just used the timer app that ships with Windows.

Over the past few months I started using PomoDoneApp because of his integration with Trello and also looking to have more time data to use and analyze later. The app works but for the purpose of my analysis is still not enough data.

What’s Next?

I’ll continue keeping my timesheets, the wakatime tool, pomodone and anything that help me manage and track my time better. But I will improve the time entry with a tool to make it easier, maybe integrate some pomodoro stuff too so I can have integrated analytics. This tool have been in my list for a while, maybe will team-up and write it soon. Will blog about it’s development.

And the timesheet of this post…

And here’s the timesheet for the time and sessions I used to write this post and analyze the spreadsheets.

12/7/2015 – 9:45 PM - 11: 25 PM

12/12/2015 – 1:50 pm – 4:40 pm