Trying photos on moving subjects

Very hard, very very hard to get the speed effect with the background blurred and the moving subject in focus.

In last Olympic games at Rio we all got delighted with Usain Bolt picture smiling in the Men’s 100M final. This was short after I wrote about my first month of photography and immediately was thinking how to take pictures like that.

This article describes the photographer’s story behind Bolt’s photo, it’s fantastic as it describes some camera settings which I started to mimic.

The first ones I tried with some cyclists in Brooklyn Bridge in New York, September 2016:


Difficult as I adjusted camera settings with several attempts. These are the best ones but still not good.

Other attempts in the subway:



Recent attempt at Homestead Rodeo, January 2017


Unedited, Shutter Priority: 1/40s 200mm

Not good composition but the effect is what I like.


I’m getting close…